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WECK jars are recognized around the world for their quality and are highly regarded for their design.
Whether you are a butcher-caterer, restaurateur, jam maker ... WECK jars will be showcases that will enhance your production to your customers. They are 100% ecological, can be reused by your customers or returned in the form of a deposit in your shop.Catalogue Bocaux WECK Grossiste vente sur palette Sous vide Consulting

Our offer is limited to the wholesale of WECK products intended for professionals. The jars are delivered by carrier on a pallet. Our offers are global and always include jars + lids + rubber rings and closing clips. Our prices are indicated excluding shipping costs. Shipping costs should be calculated based on your shipping address. Depending on the quantities requested, the prices may be decreasing. If you have a valid Intracommunity VAT number, we can invoice you excluding VAT.

A WECK reference is not displayed on our site? You will find it in our WECK catalog that you can download by clicking on the above image. Should you like to get a quote, do not hesitate to use our contact form.


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