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A medium size restaurant

Implementing the sous vide cooking method in your restaurant will improve the taste and organoleptic quality of your dishes. You plan either direct cooking or cooking small volumes of foodstuff and refrigerate them in order to keep them 3 days maximum. Your needs are limited to 1 or 2 immersion circulators (to benefit from two different cooking temperatures during the service) and to a vacuum chamber sealer. The purchase of a small blast chiller/freezer could be studied, later.

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A Caterer

You usually cook big quantities of sous vide pouches in steam/combi ovens that you will blast chill or freeze before storing them for some days. At customer premises you will reheat the pouches with immersion circulators in GN containers. You can also decide to cook the raw foodstuff pouches directly at customers premises just before serving the dishes. You need one Immersion Circulator and a 58 liters GN containers for approx. 100 people, Vacuum Chambers Sealers and Blast Chiller Freezers.

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A Delicatessen Butcher

Foie gras, ham and terrine are sublimated by the sous vide cooking method. Mastering the preservation of your preparations (cook-chill process and accurate calculation of you product shelf life) will be a critical part of your process. For that purpose you must equip yourself with accurate and reliable Immersion Circulators, Vacuum Chambers Sealers and Blast Chiller Freezers.

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Who are we?

A team, specialized in sous vide cooking, that is responsive to your needs

Sous Vide Consulting Cie's team is committed to offering professionals a global solution for all topics related to sous vide cooking. Our philosophy is to select for you the best equipments of the market and to negotiate them at the best price. Servicing and maintenance will also be at the heart of our discussions to guiding you through your decision making process. We also benefit from a wide network of training programs with quality speakers. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you!

An offer tailored to your needs

The Chef of a gourmet restaurant, a Caterer and a Delicatessen Butcher do not do the same job. It is therefore necessary to know and understand your needs in order to adapt our offer. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about it together.

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A global service offer

Sous Vide Consulting provides expert advise and sells high quality and renowned professional kitchen equipments. We are also committed to provide you with delivery, start-up and maintenance solutions.

A selection of top brands

Rather than offering you an exhaustive catalog of all the brands of the market we have selected for you a unique manufacturer by product range. The choice of a brand is made on the basis of objective criteria: origin of the product, reputation, quality, service, price...

Competitive prices

We offer quality products at best value. You found a cheaper price elsewhere? To compare comparable things we invite you to send us your quotes to help you comparing them to ours. The purchase of a package combining several types of products (Immersion heater, Vacuum machine and Blast Chiller/freezer) will allow a significant reduction of costs.

Maintenance and warranty

These points are fundamental. We attach great importance to it. We can build for you offers for service and maintenance contracts with specialized companies. In addition, extensions of guarantees may be subscribed for certain products.


Whether you are a beginner or experienced in Sous Vide, we strongly encourage you to intend a training course. You can be assured of an excellent return on your investment. Various options can be envisaged: either at your premises or in a more academic format, at cooking school. Sous Vide Consulting helps you finding the training adapted to your needs.