Sous Vide Infos

fish cooked Sous Vide in cooking pouch

In order to fully understand all the steps necessary for the sous vide cooking process, you will find valuable information in the following sections.
After reading these sous vide guides:

  1. you will know what sous vide cooking is
  2. you will have consulted tables of temperatures and cooking times for fish, poultry, eggs, beef and pigs,
  3. you will know which equipment is available on the market and which one is absolutely necessary to cook sous vide,
  4. You will have relevant information about sous vide cooking pouches, professional vacuum packing machines, the vacuum packing steps and method and how to get quality weld on a pouch, accurate and safe BBD calculations.
  5. you will understand the issues and regulatory obligations concerning the cooling of foodstuff or dishes, blast chilling, deep freezing, surface stiffening, crust freezing, thawing and reheating.

This information is not exhaustive. It is strongly recommended to take training courses that will allow you to initiate or improve yourself. We are at your disposal to help you find the best Sous Vide training adapted to your needs.