Vacuum Machines

Vacuum chamber sealer machine SVC 250 Premium front view, suitable to vacuum liquids and juicy foodstuffUnlike an "external vacuum machine” or a “clamp vacuum machine”, the vacuum chamber machine requires the cooking (or storage) pouch, and the food it contains, to be positioned inside the chamber of the vacuum machine. Once the pouch is placed, the lid is folded down, forming a sealed "chamber" into which the air is drawn using a powerful pump. When the desired vacuum in the chamber is reached, a seal bar automatically seals the pouch. It is only after this last step that the air can be reintroduced into the chamber. This step has the effect of creating a "reverse" pressure which compresses the pouch on the food. It is then possible to open the lid of the chamber and remove the vacuum pouch.

The great advantage of this type of vacuum device is that it can vacuum liquids. In fact, because the pouch is located in the chamber, the air pressure is the same both inside and outside the pouch. This feature eliminates the risk of liquids escaping from the pouch. In addition, a vacuum chamber machine allows a vacuum of a much higher quality to be obtained than so-called "external" or “clamp” vacuum units. This last point is fundamental in sous vide cooking.


Vacuum chamber machine Komet VacuboyProfessionals from all forms of catering, the food-related occupations and the hotel trade must work with robust and reliable equipment. In the medium term (3 or 5 years), the choice of a low-end vacuum chamber machine will risk jeopardizing the smooth running of your organization and could ultimately prove to be costly.

Logo thermoplongeur cuisine sous vide swid premium fabriqué en allemagneThis is the reason why Sous Vide Consulting only offers quality vacuum chamber machines, designed and manufactured in Germany or Switzerland by companies with more than 30 years of existence! We offer 3 ranges of vacuum chamber machines depending on the length of the sealing bar: 200 mm, 250 mm and > 300 mm.

Our offer with 200 mm sealing bar

Our offer with 250 mm sealing bar

Our offer with > 300 mm sealing bar