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Sous Vide

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Sous vide cooking training for professionals (restaurants, catering...) can be given either in cooking school, or on site in your premises or even remotely (video conference sessions).
Sous vide cooking traing in Ferrandi cooking school wit hthe SWID sous vide immersion circulator Sous Vide Consulting offers to put you in contact with our partners, trusted people, whom we have selected for you.
Whether you want to learn, improve, meet regulatory requirements or discover new techniques, we will have a solution tailored to your needs.
All the training we offer is supported by the OPCOs. Help can be provided to you when putting together your request for support.

Training examples:
SWID immersion circulator during sous vide cooking training- Master the technique of vacuum packing or atmospheric packaging as well as regulatory aspects.
Discover or master sous vide cooking (short cooking, long cooking, semi-preserving, etc.) as well as health risks and regulations. The programs include the use of equipment (vacuum machines, pouches, thermometer with needle probe, immersion circulator, blast chiller, etc.), making recipes, calculating products shelf life and regeneration techniques. SWID sous vide at Ferrandi training in Paris
In addition, we can support you in :
- the establishment of a bacteriological analysis contract in order to verify whether the preparations correspond to the scales applied.
- the drafting of European health approval documents...

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