Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an Account & Order

Yes. To create your account, you must anyway fill in the "Company" data. You just need to indicate "/", for example.

Of course we can deliver to your address! This issue is usually related to a Cookie on your browser. To solve this problem you can either change of navigator and try to place an order again, or contact us via our contact form.

We can invoice excluding VAT any professional with a valid intra-community VAT number on the VIES database. When you create an account or an order on our online shop, we automatically check your EU-VAT number. It may happen that your number is not accepted in the following cases:

    • You have indicated an EU-VAT number on your billing address but forgot to add it on the SHIPPING address.
    • Your EU-VAT number is incorrect. Keep in mind this number is slightly different from your VAT number.
    • The VIES verification site isn't available at the time of verification. In this case we can't validate your intra-community VAT number and must invoice including VAT. To be billed excluding VAT, you just have to wait a few hours or contact us via our contact form.
    • Your company is newly created and your EU-VAT number has not yet been registered in the European VIES database. Contact your accountant who will take care of this formality which generally only takes a few days.

Please do NOT place an order until your EU-VAT number is validated. Otherwise it will generate unnecessary and time-consuming accounting entries to modify.