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In order for your professional knives to keep excellent sharpness, you must maintain them regularly with a sharpening steel. A quick and daily back and forth movement from your knives to the Titanium II sharpening steel and this is the assurance of optimal cutting quality for many years.

logo fischer bargoin offre spéciale Sous Vide ConsultingFischer-Bargoin is the only French manufacturer of sharpening steel. Established since 1859 in Thiers (capital of French cutlery) Fisher Bargoin has unparalleled know-how and masters all stages of the manufacture of its sharpening steels.

Shape of the Titanium II sharpening steel: the larger the surface of the sharpening steel, the better the contact with the knife. The Titanium II has a very large oval shape, which guarantees very good sharpening.

Technical specifications:
- The handle of the Titanium II is in HACCP polypropylene with a safety guard allowing an excellent grip.
- The fineness of the cutting of Titanium II allows an optimal restoration of the smooth edge of professional blades. This makes Titanium II a versatile tool that can satisfy any type of blade.
- The Titanium II edge is coated with new generation titanium nitride giving it an exceptional hardness of around 2300 HV and specially designed to sharpen the hardest knives.

TYPE Fine sharpening
SPECIFICITY The edge of the sharpening steel is coated with titanium nitride. Exceptional hardness around 2300 HV (Vickers)
DIMENSIONS 30 cm long
WEIGHT 0.497 kg
ORIGIN France - Fischer Bargoin

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