SWISL - Sous Vide GN 2/1 Container Insulated Sleeve (200mm)

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Neoprene sleeve that significantly reduce the heat loss during sous vide cooking or pasteurization process of glass jars. This 5 mm neoprene insulated sleeve and its lid are perfectly suited to all GN 2/1 containers with a height of 200 mm.

This set suits to all sous vide immersion circulator on the market.
Option: additional neoprene lid to be placed under the container.

The SWISL is sold without the GN container and its lid or any immersion circulator.

A 200 mm high GN 2/1 gastronorm container has a volume of approx. 58 liters. Sous vide cooking with big container imply a very important heat loss, especially if you cook glass jars in a bain marie at "high" temperatures, for example. In this case, a metal or polycarbonat lid placed over the GN container is compulsory to limit energy loss and water evaporation. To further optimize energy efficiency, some insulated GN containers (with double walls) are available on the market. It takes between € 300 and € 600 for these special containers.
The SWISL (Sous Vide Sleeve) is a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to provide an insulated GN 2/1 container to sous vide cooking Chefs. The SWISL is suitable for ALL GN 2/1 gastronom containers (200 mm high) on the market.
The SWISL is made of 5mm thick high performance neoprene. It is composed of a "belt" which isolates the side parts of the tank and a neoprene lid to be cut to adapt it to your immersion circulator.
For owners of a SWID or SWID Premium immersion circulators, a seam allows you to visualize the place where to cut the neoprene lid with a simple pair of scissors.
It is also possible to purchase, as an option, a second neoprene lid to be placed under the tank.

Note: The neoprene lid of the SWISL is delivered WITHOUT cutout. ALL immersion circulators on the market can therefore be adapted to the SWISL!

The SWISL is an excellent insulator for heat. Our tests revealed a difference of about 40°C between the neoprene walls and the temperature of a water bath at 95°C).
The SWISL is ALSO an excellent insulator for the cold! It is therefore also possible for you to insulate a GN container coming out of a refrigerator or a freezer, to transport it for example ...

CAUTION: the SWISLE must NOT be placed in direct contact with a flame, must not be placed in the oven or in the freezer.

The SWISL is NOT sold together with the SWID, the GN container and its lid.


MATERIAL High quality neoprene (5 mm thick)
SET 1 BELT with velcro strip + 1 lid (TOP)
OPTIONAL Additional TOP lid to be placed under the GN 2/1 container
 BELT DIMENSIONS 2150 x 185 mm (for GN 1/1 200 mm height ONLY)
TOP LID DIMENSIONS 470 x 560 mm (GN 2/1)
SWID PRE-CUT Yes, finalizing the cut with a pair of scissors.
FITS TO ALL IMMERSION HEATERS Yes, cut the TOP lid according to your needs with a pair of scissors


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