Thermobox - Wedding cake - Middle size SET 42 x 42 cm

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Thermo Futur BoxThermobox set for wedding cakes of middle sizes.
The set is composed of 5 parts:

- 1 base (box),
- 3 black frames,
- 1 lid.

The inner size of the boxset is 42 x 42 cm and 49.7 cm height (can be increased with extra optional lids).
The outer size of the box is 48 x 48 cm and 57 cm height.

This thermobox set is an excellent transport solution for middle size wedding cakes measuring up to 42 x 42 x 49.7 cm. It will help transporting your cakes safely, well chilled during short or long journeys.
The base of the set isn’t a plate but a box where to place safely the cake. Then you can build up the box using the matching 3 black frames provided in the set.
As an option your can increases the inner height of the box with as many frames as you want(+12.5 cm per frame).
The box is closed with a lid that is also provided with the set.

EXT. lenght 480 mm
EXT. width 480 mm
EXT. height 570 mm
INT. length 420 mm
INT. width 420 mm
INT. height 497 mm
Volume 87 liters
Colour Black
Weight 1.66 kg

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