Thermobox - Wedding cake - Big size SET 52 x 52 cm

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Thermo Futur BoxThermobox set for wedding cakes of big sizes.
The set is composed of 6 parts:

- 1 base (plate),
- 4 black frames,
- 1 lid.

The inner size of the box set is 52.5 x 52.5 cm and 58 height.
The outer size of the box set is 59.5 x 59.5 cm and 76 cm height.
Options: extra frames, cooling support with GN 1/1 eutectic plate (COLD -12°C), transport trolley.

Wedding cakes and other types of big-sized cakes (max. 35 x 35 cm) must be protected during transport.
Thanks to the large handles in the base plate, the container is easy to transport, even with two people if necessary. You'll find the matching transport trolley in our "ACCESSORIES" section.
Our set consists of 6 parts:

- The base plate with an extremely robust surface. It's waterproof, easy to clean, flat and rimless for safe handling when placing the cake on the plate. The plate has extra-large handles for two-person transport,
- The 4 frames: they are stackable on top of each other. Each frame has a height of 145 mm. The frames are securely anchored by reinforced corner joints. The 4 frames represent a maximum available height for a cake of 580 mm. Additional frames can be added (optional) to the set to increase the height of the box.
- Lid: the set is closed with perfectly watertight lid.

Options: it is possible to add additional frames to the set (+145 mm in height) but also a cooling support (+145 mm in height) in which you can insert a cold eutectic plate GN 1/1 - COLD -12°C (optional). Watch video for more information about the cooling support.

thermobox wedding cake 52 x 52 support for cooling plate

EXT. lenght 595 mm
EXT. width 595 mm
EXT. height 760 mm
INT. length 580 mm
INT. width 580 mm
INT. height 580 mm
Volume 160 liters
Colour Black
Weight 3.15 kg


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