Soft-boiled eggs warm keeper - Big size

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This device is used to maintain soft-boiled at a temperature of 60°C. This large size version is available with bases of different colors and materials (ABS, wicker, stainless steel, pine wood and silver plated).

This device keeps warm soft-boild eggs at 60°C thanks to its precise temperature controller and ventilation. The temperature of 60°C will maintain the soft boild texture of the egg and the eggs will remain pasteurised. The device can contain 30 eggs that must be cooked before being placed in the device.

The dimensions differ depending on the type of base selected. Please refer to the table below.
Power consumption: 0.120 kW / h.
Designed and made in Germany.

Base Height Ø Max. Ø Base Weight
ABS 56 cm 44 cm 35 cm 8 kg
Wicker "Natural" 61.5 cm 49 cm 37 cm 8.5 kg
Pine wood 55 cm 48 cm 25 cm 10.2 kg
Stainless steal 64 cm 47 cm 24 cm 12.3 kg
Silver plated 64 cm 47 cm 24 cm 12.3 kg
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