100 or 150 Liters SWIP Pasteurizer for Glass Jars

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The SWID-100L is a 100 liter tank (150L optional) for pasteurizing large quantities of WECK style glass jars or others. This equipment, together with 2 SWID Premium immersion circulators, combines power, temperature accuracy, reliability at a competitive price.

The SWIP is made up of a high quality stainless steel tank (100 or 150 liters with drain tap), a custom made lid allowing 2 immersion circulators and an external temperature probe to pass through, all insulated by a 5 mm thick neoprene cover. Five stainless steel baskets (autoclave style) 12 cm high complete the set with a pair of removable handles to insert or remove the baskets in the SWIP. These baskets can be safely stacked before or after the pasteurization process.

To operate, the SWIP must be associated with 2 immersion cirulators (3 for the SWIP-150 liters) which are sold separately.
These immersion circulators must have a vertical circulation system and sufficient power to quickly reach the set temperature. The SWID Premium immersion circulator (2,400W) is the suitable equipment for this function.
As an example, it is possible to pasteurize with the SWIP-100L 88 MOLD WECK jars 290 ml (88 mm high) or 54 TULIPE 580 ml jars. The SWIP-150L can contain 118 MOLD jars of 290 ml or 76 TULIPE jars of 580 ml.

Designed with the help of semi-preserved products specialists, the SWIP allows the use of immersion circulators and a water bath with a comfortable volume to pasteurize glass jars. SWIP targets Buchers, Delicatessen, Caterers, Restaurants or all other small or medium-sized structures who can't afford an autoclave, or who do not wish to immobilize their combi oven. SWIP also fits to small structures that can't afford a combi oven.
The innovation of SWIP lies in its ability to produce several hundred semi-preserved glass jars per day with the following advantages:

- Lightweight, the SWIP takes up little space (70 cm high and 48 cm Ø), can be arranged anywhere then stored in a "storage room" after use,
- the SWIP does not require any particular electrical installation (single-phase immersion circulators),
- optimized electrical consumption thanks to the very precise temperature controller of the immersion circulators and excellent insulation of the bain-marie by the neoprene sleeve,
- the temperature homogeneity and precision to 1/10 of a degree is ensured in the water bath thanks to the immersion circulators and the vertical brassing system.
- The use of 5 autoclave style baskets allows a person of average height and physical condition to transport and arrange the baskets in the SWIP without much effort.
- the baskets being stackable, they can be stored (with or without the jars) in a secure manner.

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