WECK glass lid with Valve to Vacuum WECK Jars' contents

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This set includes 1 WECK glass lid with a 12 mm diameter cutout and 1 silicone valve suitable for food contacts.
This set is designed to vacuum the contents of your Weck jars using a manual pump or the extension of your vacuum machine.
It is also possible to use a chamber vacuum machine with this set.
All sizes of WECK lids are available: RR40, RR60, RR80, RR100 and RR120.
As an option, it is possible to purchase additional valves.

The glass lid and valve are NOT SOLD WITH THE JAR AND/OR SILICONE SEAL (Non-contractual picture).

The cutout of the WECK glass lid is perfectly clean and not sharp.
The valve is made of soft silicone suitable for food contacts.
The valve is suitable to most handpumps and external suction device provided with a clamp vacuum machine.
For 220V contries we recommend our PVP500 mbar sold on our shop.

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