Portable Vacuum Pump to Vacuum Gastro Containers

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Portable pump to vacuum the content of stainless steel GN containers fitted with a universal Gastronorm lid (provided separately).
This cordless pump has a high performance lithium battery. The pump is easily recharged by placing it on its base.

Very easy to use, this pump automatically stops vacuuming the GN container as soon as a residual pressure of 300 mbar or 500 mbar is reached. Battery life allows several days of vacuuming process. Recharging on the base is quick. The pump does not require any special maintenance and is easily repairable.

REMARK: the 500 mbar pump isn't suitable for GN 1/1 containers with a height above 150 mm (5.9'). Should you have any question feel free to contact us.

This pump is sold separately without any GN lid.

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