WECK glass lid with 12 mm Ø cutout

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This set includes 1 WECK glass lid with a 12 mm diameter cutout and 1 silicone stopper suitable for food contacts (+180°C).
This device is perfectly suited for taking the core temperature of your WECK jars during a pasteurization or sterilization process.
All sizes of WECK lids are available: RR40, RR60, RR80, RR100 and RR120.
As an option, it is possible to purchase additional stoppers.

The cutout of the WECK glass lid is perfectly clean and not sharp.
The stopper is 20mm high and made of soft silicone suitable for food contacts. The stopper is not pre-drilled for the probe. Carefully insert the probe into the stopper and take care not to bend or break it. SWAT Pt1000 probes are particularly suitable for this use.

After use in an oven or bain-marie, it is possible to gently and gradually withdraw the probe without reintroducing air into the jar. The stopper seal remains excellent even after several days or weeks after removing the probe.

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