Universal 1/1 GN Lid to Vacuum Gastro Container's Contents

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GN 1/1 universal lid to vacuum the content of all standard GN 1/1 stainless steel containers.

CAUTION: Using the GN 1/1 universal lid combined with the 500 mbar pump may deform certain entry-level stainless steel GN containers such as those from METRO. In this particular case, we recommend the use of a GN 1/1 container with a thickness of 1.5 mm, which you can purchase as an option on this page.
The GN 1/1 universal lid, combined with the 300 mbar pump, can be used with all stainless steel GN 1/1 containers on the market (including METRO).

This GN 1/1 universal lid perfectly fits all standard stainless steal GN 1/1 containers. Together with its portable pump system (sold separately), you can easily vacuum the contents of your 1/1 GN stainless steal containers.
The lid is dishwasher safe.

NOTE: the 500 mbar pump is not suitable for using thin stainless steel 1/1 GN containers (risk of deformation of the container). Optionally, you can purchase reinforced 1.5 mm thick GN 1/1 containers.
The 300 mbar pump can be used on all GN 1/1 stainless steel containers on the market (including METRO).

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