custom made sous vide probe for SWAT sous vide thermometer

Our SWAT thermometer is probably one of the most accurate and reliable thermometers on the market. Its great specificity is its Platinum Pt1000 probe which allows it to never lose precision over time (unlike the Thermocouple type K thermometer). Particularly well suited to sous vide cooking, the SWAT can be purchased with a 6 cm waterproof probe. It is also possible to connect a shielded probe (not waterproof, 10 cm long) to the SWAT thermometer, which can be used in an oven, barbecue or plancha...As an option you can purchase extra 6 or 10 cm long waterproof probes.

In order to meet the most demanding expectations of our customers, Sous Vide Consulting is now able to propose Pt1000 sous vide cooking probes (Ø 1.5 mm) in the dimensions of your choice!
Therefore you can order the cable and probe lenght that suits you best! The minimum dimension of the probe is 2 cm and the maximum dimension is 15 cm (for a ham, for example).

To date, only Sous Vide Consulting is able to offer its customers an exclusive, tailor-made service of this level!
Waiting time: 1 to 2 weeks.

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