immersion circulator

  1. How to Clean/Descale and Maintain your Immersion Circulator?

    Maintenance and descaling sous vide immersion circulator

    SVC (Sous Vide Consulting) has been developing a strong and close relationship with its customers for more than 12 years. Our mission does not stop at designing, manufacturing and distributing the SWID and SWID Premium immersion circulator. We are also at your side in the event of a "glitch", such as a fall, or a breakdown of your SWID. SVC's team is at your disposal to help and answer your questions.

    A question often comes up: how to maintain and descale your SWID (or any other sous vide brand) immersion circulator?

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  2. How to keep soft boiled eggs warm throughout the duration of a service?

    Cooking soft-boiled eggs at 63°C with the SWID immersion circulator and keeping them at 60°C

    The aim of this article is to illustrate the possibility to cook, with great accuracy, a significant quantity of soft-boiled eggs and then to keep them warm, without significant loss of texture, throughout the service.

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