sous vide

  1. Retour sur le Sirha 2023: rencontres, surprises et nouveautés!

    Bruno Goussault sur le stand de Sous Vide Consulting lors du Sirha 2023 avec thermomètre sous vide SWAT Pt1000
    Nos moments forts du Sirha 2023 avec la visite surprise sur notre stand de Monsieur Bruno Goussault et l'équipe du Canada qui a utilisé notre SWID Premium lors de l'épreuve finale du Bocuse d'Or.
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  2. How to Clean/Descale and Maintain your Immersion Circulator?

    Maintenance and descaling sous vide immersion circulator

    SVC (Sous Vide Consulting) has been developing a strong and close relationship with its customers for more than 12 years. Our mission does not stop at designing, manufacturing and distributing the SWID and SWID Premium immersion circulator. We are also at your side in the event of a "glitch", such as a fall, or a breakdown of your SWID. SVC's team is at your disposal to help and answer your questions.

    A question often comes up: how to maintain and descale your SWID (or any other sous vide brand) immersion circulator?

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  3. Sous Vide Consulting proposes its exclusive "PRIVILEGES" offer

    SPECIAL OFFER - Exclusive partnership with Sous Vide Consulting

    Discover our "PRIVILEGES" offer.
    Do you want to purchase sous vide cooking pouches at the best price and, at the same time, ensure that the maintenance and repair of your SWID and SWID Premium immersion circulators will be carried out with transparency and confidence?
    Read this article and contact us to discuss it together ...

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