SPECIAL OFFER - Exclusive partnership with Sous Vide Consulting

After a few years of intensive use your SWID or SWID Premium needs maintenance or repair? SVC will repair your immersion circulator free of charge ... and more! The condition: to join our "PRIVILEGES" program.

SVC becomes your supplier of sous vide cooking pouches

Contact us to jointly determine your annual sous vide cooking pouches needs.
Our catalog does not include a reference that is important to you? We can offer it to you within a few weeks.

SVC offers you the maintenance and repair of your SWID immersion circulator

The simple fact of ordering your sous vide cooking pouches from SVC, either periodically, semi-annually or annually, allows us to offer you exclusive services.
Has your immersion circulator fallen to the ground and its case is broken? Is the electrical resistance defective? The cooling fan is blocked by dust or fat? Has the power cable of your SWID Premium slipped on a heating plate and has partially or totally melted? Over time, this can happen.
We are committed to repairing your SWID or SWID Premium free of charge.
If you have several immersion circulators and your purchasing volume of sous vide cooking bpouches is significant, we can together determine a quota of free repairs per year!

SVC offers high quality sous vide cooking pouches at competitive prices

Our "PRIVILEGES" offer makes all the more sense as our sous vide cooking and schrink sous vide cooking pouches are of very high quality, made in Germany and our prices are advantageous!
The quality / price combination of supplying your sous vide cooking pouches and the certainty of keeping your immersion circulator in good condition for an unbeatable overall cost, that is the "PRIVILEGES" offer from SVC. And that's not all...

Your seniority is rewarded. Surprise gifts are offered to you!

A long-term partnership is rewarding for us. At SVC we believe it is important to show our gratitude to our clients whom we have supported for several years. Thus, your participation in the "PRIVILEGES" program allows you to take advantage of exceptional special offers and gifts...

For any information concerning our "PRIVILEGES" program, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.